4 Step Process to Getting the Right Tile for Your Next Home Project

Our 4 Step Process to Getting the Right Tile for Your Next Home Project

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From kitchen backsplashes to bathroom floors, tile plays a huge role in how your home looks and feels. But with unlimited tile options in varying sizes, colors, patterns and materials, trying to find the right tile gets overwhelming and confusing – fast. 

What tile should you choose? What color should you get? What’s the difference between kitchen and bathroom tiles? Ceramic or natural stone? Classic or trendy? These are things to consider when finding the right tile for your space.

But how do you know where to start with all these options?

Choosing your tile should be a fun and simple process, without having to stop at dozens of stores before finding the right tile for your space.

In today’s blog, you’ll get to look behind the scenes of what working with our showroom designers at Twenty Five Company looks like from beginning to end.

Step 1: Bring Your Tile Inspiration or Get Inspiration From the Showroom

Every project begins with an idea. 

Whether you’ve stumbled upon your ideal tile inspiration on Pinterest, Houzz, or at your friends’ house, it is helpful to know the general tile design style or color palette you prefer before starting your tile search. 

Here are a few other options to spark inspiration:

If you aren’t sure where to start or want to see inspiration in-person, the showroom is designed to inspire you and help you hone in on your vision. 

At Twenty Five Company, we are always bringing in new tiles and products to stay up to date on trends. The showroom is continuously refreshed and upgraded to provide inspiration to trendy and classic styles alike. 

Before visiting a showroom, you don’t have to know anything about the tile selection process and we don’t expect you to. 

Our goal is to provide guidance and support so you leave the showroom with confidence and a connection to a design along with tile samples to take home so you can see them in your space, with your lighting.

Bonus: If you’re looking for unique ideas that no one else has, a showroom designer can help you create a unique tile design so your space can be as creative as you are.

Step 2: Working with Your Showroom Designer

Tiles are versatile pieces that can be used in the kitchen, bathroom, family room, patio, pools, and other unique spaces, so it’s important for your designer to know exactly where you’re using it. 

To get to know more about you and your project, your designer will ask questions to customize and speed up your tile design process. 

Here are a few questions your designer can ask:

      • Who do you live with?
        Using natural stone in the bathroom might need further consideration if you have a teenager fond of hair coloring who will be using the bathroom.
      • Is there a lot of foot traffic?
        In high traffic areas, you want tiles that will hide dirt and be easy to clean
      • Where will it be located in the kitchen?
        Heavily textured tiles might trap too much grease and dust if used behind a kitchen range, but can be used as a stunning backsplash for a coffee bar or surrounding a fireplace.
      • Where will the tile be located in the bathroom? 
        Stunning tiles with metal inserts which can be used in a bathroom, just not in the shower.
      • How is the lighting in the room? 
        A matte subway tile might have been the original idea for a kitchen backsplash but then you see how a subway tile with an undulated surface reflects light and your vision changes.
      • What’s your budget? 
        Having a budget is great, but don’t let it keep you from looking at products outside of your budget. Your designer can often find budget friendly alternatives so you don’t have to change your design and settle for something that you don’t love.


Not only do we love asking questions to learn more about your project, but we encourage you to ask us questions too!

When you come in, we don’t expect you to be a tile expert. Most clients come in wanting help and that’s exactly what we’re here for — to help you make informed choices about your tile.

Here are some common questions client’s ask about tile:

      • If the tile you want can be used for another part of your home? 
      • How to care for different tiles such as porcelain, stone, or ceramic?
      • How to treat corners and grout lines? 
      • What grout to pair your tile with? 
      • What are the differences between the variety of tile options?

No matter what questions you have for your designer, they will work with you to bring your tile dreams to life. 

Step 3: Pull Tiles Samples and Take Them Home (As Many Times as You Need)

Tiles are a huge investment in your home project. Just like cabinets in your kitchen, they cover a large portion of the space and set the feel and mood of the room. So, it is natural for you to worry about selecting the right one. 

It’s tempting to buy samples online and hope for the best, but with photography lighting, tiles can look different in person. And if you get the wrong tile, it can delay your project. So, we recommend going to a showroom or a store to feel and see products in person first, but don’t stop there. 

Take tile samples home. 

After learning about your style inspiration and the details of your project, your designer will walk with you through the showroom to pull your favorite sample tiles for you to take home. 

Samples are the best way to see if something fits your space. Taking tile samples home allows you to see how it will look in its natural habitat.  ​​

You can keep the samples for as long as you need them, we just ask that you bring them back when you are finished making your selections.

Here’s what our designers recommend to make the most of your tile samples at home: 

      • Place them where they’re supposed to be — If you’re doing floor tiles, put them on your floor and lay them out the way you want them to be tiled. If it’s on the wall, lean them against the wall the way you’d install them. 
      • Look at the tiles at different times of the day — Tiles colors can change under different lighting — during the day with natural lighting or at night with indoor lighting. 

If you don’t love it, come back to the showroom and your designer will provide alternatives that work better for your space. We would gladly do it again and again until you’re happy with your samples. 

Step 4: Final Selection for Tiles and Ordering Materials

After the selection process and seeing the samples in your home, it’s time for the last step — finalizing your selection and ordering your materials. 

To order the right amount of tile, your contractor should tell you how much you’ll need for the entire project including 10% for waste and overage. Having extra tiles will ensure you have enough for the project to prevent delays and the leftover tiles can be saved for future repairs if needed. 

Your designer will also let you know how to maintain your tiles and grout for years to come. 

We will place your order with all quantities and items matched and ready to go. Once we receive your items, you can pick them all up at one convenient location ready to be installed into your space. 

Twenty Five Company is a one stop shop for a variety of grout options, plumbing, mirrors and more to make your design process as cohesive and seamless as possible. 

Need help finding the right tile for your space?

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