Make Your Small Kitchen Feel Bigger While Increasing Storage

Simple Tips to Make Your Small Kitchen Feel Bigger and Increase Storage

Cooking should be a fun experience, but when you’re trying to make dinner in a cluttered space, it feels overwhelming and even exhausting — especially in a small and cramped kitchen.

But have no fear; we will share our favorite tips and tricks to make your small kitchen feel bigger and ways to increase storage to make the most of every inch in your kitchen without feeling boxed in.

3 Simple Tips to Make Your Small Kitchen Feel Bigger

There are key factors that make your kitchen feel small — dark cabinetry, poor lighting, and even closed cabinets. Fortunately, there are easy fixes that can make your kitchen feel roomier.

      1. Take off the doors — Closed cabinets are great for concealing clutter, but they can also make the kitchen feel crowded. By removing the upper cabinet doors and exposing shelves for an open shelf layout, your kitchen will feel more spacious — plus, with fewer doors to swing open; your items are more accessible than ever.
      2. Lighten the color palette — Dark colors absorb light and make your already small kitchen feel smaller. Instead of dark cabinets, opt for lighter colors, so light reflects off the cabinets and makes the room feel brighter and more open.
      3. Turn up the Lights — The easiest way to brighten a room? Add more light! An easy way to upgrade your lighting is to change your lightbulbs to a higher voltage. Another option is to upgrade your light fixture to distribute light evenly throughout your kitchen.

Now that we’ve gone over how to make your kitchen feel bigger, let’s talk about increasing storage in your small kitchen.

5 Ways to Maximize Storage Space in Your Small Kitchen

The amount of items in the kitchen is constantly growing with new tools, dishware, and spices. So, how do you fit it all into a small kitchen? You have to get clever with storage.

Here are a few of our favorite tips to maximize space in your tiny kitchen:

      1. Take advantage of your oven – Unless you’re using your oven often, use it as another storage unit. An oven can store a variety of pots, pans, and lids to free up space in your cabinets to store other appliances or tools.
      2. Use the side of your cabinet – Spices are a great way to add flavor to your meals, but with a variety of spices comes many little containers that take up lots of space. A great way to store spices without sacrificing space inside the cabinets is to add an end mount spice rack on the side of your upper cabinet. With spices on display, you can see what’s available and easily access them while preparing your next meal.
      3. Add an over cabinet door organizer – Consider using an over cabinet door organizer to reduce the clutter under your kitchen sink. With a door organizer, you can easily categorize different cleaning products and tools to make cleaning a breeze.
      4. Stack your storage – Make the most out of your vertical space with stackable storage bins or shelves. Stacking your bins increases your storage without sacrificing the surface area of your kitchen counters or cabinets. With a stackable organizer, you can easily stack plates, bowls, and cups and still have extra space.
      5. Customize your cabinets – In a tiny kitchen, every inch matters. By customizing your cabinets, you have a say in how every inch of your cabinet fits your lifestyle. From selecting storage accessories to color finishes, customized cabinets are the way to go for a small kitchen with lots of storage.

Cooking in a small kitchen should be comfortable, and you can make the most of your existing space by adding alternative storage options or customizing your cabinets with these simple tips.

When it comes to customizing your cabinets, there are many options available, and it can feel overwhelming. Our designers have put together a list of features to include in your next custom cabinetry project to maximize space in your small kitchen without sacrificing the big room feel.


4 Features to Consider When Customizing Cabinets in Your Small Kitchen

If you have a small kitchen and no room to expand, don’t worry. There are a few ways to expand the space in your kitchen without having to knock down a few walls. The key to maximizing the kitchen is — thoughtfully designed cabinets with selected features you’ll love and use every day.

Here are a few features you can add when designing your custom cabinets for your small kitchen:

  • Hidden pantry — Wish you had a pantry in your small kitchen? Well, you can. Pull-out pantries are a great space-saving alternative for narrow spaces that provide lots of storage and organization while hiding in plain sight.
  • Tall upper cabinets — Take your cabinets to new heights by pulling your cabinets up to the ceiling. The space between the upper cabinets and the ceiling is often unused because it’s hard to reach and collects dust. Expanding your cabinets upwards adds extra storage while keeping your items clean and dust-free. With a pull-down storage add-on, you can also access hard-to-reach places.
  • Adjustable shelves — Adjustable shelving takes customization to another level. With these shelves, you can adjust the height to fit large or small items as your needs change throughout the year.
  • New corner cabinets — In older kitchen designs, back corner cabinets were difficult to access and too deep to store your everyday items. Update your corner cabinets with new designs such as the lazy susan — great for tight spaces or diagonal corner drawers that pull out like regular drawers but with more depth and storage space.

Whichever feature(s) you decide to include in your custom build, we believe you’ll feel more organized and eager to cook your next meal.

A kitchen cabinet overhaul can be an overwhelming task. With all the options available and tons of decisions to be made, it’s not easy to design a new kitchen cabinet alone — especially in a small kitchen, where every inch matters.

Here at Twenty Five Company, we take you through the process from beginning to end. From idea to final design, our team of in-house designers walks through every step of the cabinet design process with you to bring your small kitchen dreams to life.

Whether you’re looking to add new storage systems or do an entire cabinet overhaul, our in-house designers want to help you bring the idea to life.

Call Twenty Five Company’s designers today at 415.899.7475 to find the perfect tile for you.