6 Easy Ways to Level Up Your Small Bathroom

6 Easy Ways to Level Up Your Small Bathroom

No matter where you live, a small bathroom can be difficult to navigate. With little storage available, it feels like you’re fighting yourself in the bathroom. There is just not enough space to stash your skincare and haircare products. Skincare products spill into the sink and putting on clothes just feels nearly impossible.

Your bathroom feels small, cramped, and not so comfortable, but it doesn’t have to stay that way.

Here are 6 simple ways to elevate your bathroom and increase space without tearing down any walls.

1. Level up your hardware

You don’t have to make huge changes to increase storage in your bathroom. Sometimes it’s as simple as changing the plumbing fixtures and hardware of your bathroom.

 Want more space for more towels? Add hooks!

Hooks are underrated. They easily double as organizers and increase space while taking very little space. Add a few hooks to your bathroom and you have more storage to hang your towels.

If you’re worried about damaging your drywall, opt for strong adhesive hooks to preserve your wall and increase hanging space.

Too little sink space?

If your current plumbing fixtures are taking up too much space, opt for a wall-mount faucet to maximize sink space to store your daily products.

Refreshing your plumbing fixtures leave your bathroom looking refreshed and brand new. And who doesn’t love a new looking bathroom?

Also, if you’re experiencing low water pressure, or a drippy faucet, it’s a good time to upgrade your fixtures and enjoy using your bathroom again.

Consider using the same colors for all hardware for a cohesive bathroom look.

2. Floating cabinet for extra floor space

TIf you have lots of storage space in your bathroom already, but don’t feel like you have enough walking space, this one’s for you.

Traditional vanity cabinets take up a lot of floor space and make your bathroom look and feel cluttered, small, and take up a lot of walking space. Just because something is traditional doesn’t mean you have to follow it.

Floating vanity cabinets are trending for two reasons:

      1. They have a sleek and modern design.
      2. They can make any room look bigger.

One way to make a room look bigger is to expose the floor. Since there is no longer a cabinet taking up floor space, a floating vanity allows your eyes to track from one end of the floor to the other giving you more visual space.

Another great thing about floating cabinets is that you can customize storage underneath them. It’s a great place to put a scale or a stool for the kids. But beware, cluttering the area can make your bathroom look busier and messier.

3. Add more white space to make your room look bigger

Interior designer’s talk about white space all the time. Having too much going on at once with no breathing room can make any space feel overwhelming.

To make your bathroom look bigger, you can do it by adding more white space to your room — literally.

While dark colors absorb light and make rooms feel smaller than they are, lighter colors reflect light and make rooms look bigger.

If your bathroom looks and feels small, painting it white can immediately give your bathroom a facelift and brighten the room, making it look bigger than ever.

If you have tile, opt for white tile to do the same. Use it as your backsplash to keep your walls safe from water damage or change your shower to white tiles to make your shower look wider and more spacious.

Don’t love an all white look? Opt for a light color palette instead to keep up the brightness without looking too sterile.

4. Get a bigger mirror, but not just any kind of mirror

Mirrors are a great and simple hack to make your bathroom look and feel bigger.

Due to reflection of light and color, a larger mirror can give the illusion of extra space in an otherwise small room.

Paired with great lighting to increase reflection, your bathroom will look much larger.

What kind of mirror should you get?

When getting a mirror, opt for a thin-framed one. Thin-framed mirrors look sleek, clean, and will definitely level up your bathroom no matter the size.

While large framed mirrors are stunning, in a small bathroom, it can make the space look more cramped. Thicker frames create a clear separation between the mirror and the wall, making it take up space rather than creating the illusion of more.

5. Brighten up the room

Lighting is so important. It can affect your mood, how you see yourself, and affect how you see a room.

While dim lighting is great for creating a relaxed mood, it’s not ideal for the bathroom. The bathroom is a room where you get clean and check your appearance before heading out the door. So, it’s important to have great quality lighting.

Good lighting transforms your space, making it look bigger by spreading light into dark corners and spaces of the room.

For the best day to day bathroom experience while making a room look bigger and brighter, opt for LED lights that emit a white-colored light. White is the brightest color and provides the cleanest look.

If you love ambient lighting, consider using color changing light bulbs.

6. Custom cabinets

Standard cabinets are great for most spaces, but for small bathrooms, custom cabinets are the way to go. Custom cabinets are ideal for small and tricky spaces that need specific sizes.

These cabinets are made to specifically fit your small bathroom. If you prefer deeper drawers or taller cabinets, you got it!

Bonus: The design process of custom cabinets is interactive and all about creating what you want. You can choose from a variety of options from different cabinet layouts, style and color, and unique storage options.

Our in-house designer can walk you through the process so you can ensure every detail fits your needs and your small bathroom.

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